Ryan LaneRyan Lane, has been described as “a dynamic talent who is by far the best in the business and works with a level of professionalism that can’t be matched.”

Ryan was born November 23, 1987 in Fullerton California. He is a third generation Native Californian.  Ryan was the last of three children (he has two older sisters) born to Jill and Bill Lane, who divorced when Ryan was around 8-years-old.  Ryan was diagnosed with congenital nerve deafness at two weeks old.  He grew up and went to school in the Los Angeles County School District until he graduated CSDR (California School for the Deaf, Riverside) in 2007.

In September of 2006, Ryan was involved in a dirt bike accident at Pismo Beach, where he suffered a fractured spine and left femur.  He underwent surgery on both areas, requiring rod and screw fixation.  He spent four months in a body brace, walking with a walker and using a wheelchair to get around when he got back to school.

Shortly after his recovery, Ryan was approached by a Hollywood director/producer who was interested in having Ryan play the lead in a documentary about a deaf baseball player from the 1800’s, William Ellsworth Hoy, otherwise known as Dummy Hoy.  David had found Ryan through a football picture on the wall at CSDR, because he closely resembled Dummy Hoy.  Ryan really had no acting experience, but when asked if he was interested in playing the part, he agreed.

He received the script on a Sunday night before the shoot the next morning at 8:00 a.m..   During the shoot, deaf actress Deanne Bray, who played Hoy’s wife in the documentary, took Ryan under her wing and coached him with his lines.

This documentary led to other guest starring roles on the popular TV shows “Cold Case,” “House” and “Miami Medical.”  He now has a recurring role playing “Travis” on ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth,” and appeared in the first Facetime commercial for Apple’s Iphone.  Ryan has gone on to do some theater, as well as starring in short films.

The acting bug has bitten Ryan, which he thoroughly enjoys, even the really long days.  He feels very comfortable in front of the camera, and is also proud to say that each set has been on, is now more informed about the deaf community and have even learned a little sign language!

Ryan is a huge animal lover and spends his time off with his rescued deaf boxer.  He supports groups such as “Dogs for the Deaf,” “OC Boxer Rescue,” and campaigns for organizations like “Save Japan’s Dolphins,”  “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society” and “Peta” to name a few.

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